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Oklahoma Specialties, Inc. (OSI) has been meeting forging needs with superior quality for over twenty five years. OSI has been a chief manufacturer of hot forged transition nozzles (also known as a “swage”) for box headers on air coolers since 1996.


A transition nozzle allows the width of the header to be shortened. By doing so it saves money in material, consumables, and in welding time. The other advantage in using a transition nozzle is that they allow for a much smoother flow in and out of the header which in some cases helps the corrosion rate of the material.

We have been the industry leader in all testing methods, both Non-Destructive and Destructive testing for more than 25 years. Why is this so important to us? Because we know that every nozzle delivered to our customers meets and exceeds all applicable Codes and Standards.  


We will work with your Engineering and Purchasing teams to ensure all of your project requirements are being met.     


Charles Helscel Sr.


Our unique procedures and quality control are held to high standards to ensure the integrity and longevity of all parts manufactured. 

We strive to be the best at what we do and to make Customer Service our Top Priority! 




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